Home & prayer groups

The home groups are now 'meeting' via telephone and email.  

Church is more than just a service once a week. As we learn about the Christian faith and develop our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we are helped by getting together with other Christians in small groups to study, ask questions, pray, and support one another. Our home groups and prayer meetings are an important part of church life for many of our members.

The Monday evening home group meets fortnightly in term time. For more information, contact Jay at halsteadparish@gmail.com.

The Tuesday daytime home group meets fortnightly. For more information, contact Lois at halsteadparish@gmail.com.

The Tuesday evening home group meets monthly. For more information, contact the parish office at halsteadparish@gmail.com.

SUSPENDED due to COVID19. The weekly “Come and Pray” group meets on Mondays at 12noon in church for about half an hour. Feel free to turn up and join in as we pray for the church, the world, and those in need.

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